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If you purchased your ALC Health Travel policy before 1st September 2011

We want to make sure that your understanding of what is and what isn't covered by your policy is clear, so it is important that you tell about any pre-existing conditions that may affect the cover that you receive before you begin your journey.

If any of the points detailed below apply to you, a travelling companion, an immediate relative, a close business associate or someone upon whom your trip depends (whether travelling with you or not), you have a responsibility to contact our confidential medical line by telephone before you commence your journey.

outside the UK on + 44 845 2739841 
   or   within the UK on 0845 2739841

Your Health Declaration
and exclusions that apply to your travel policy

These apply to the Cancellation or Curtailment Charges, Emergency Medical and Associated Expenses and Personal Accident sections.

1. You will not be covered for any directly or indirectly related claims arising from the following if at the time of taking out this insurance, if you:

  • are being prescribed regular medication;
  • have received treatment for or had a consultation with a doctor or hospital specialist in the past 6 months;
  • are being referred to, treated by or under the care of a doctor or a hospital specialist;
  • are awaiting treatment or the results of any tests or investigations;

Unless t
he condition(s) has (have) been declared to and accepted by us in writing

You should call our confidential medical line from outside the UK on +44 845 2739841 UK on or within the the UK on 0845 2739841 if you are unsure whether a medical condition needs to be declared or not.

The confidential helpline will be able to confirm if cover can be provided for your medical conditions. If you need to make a claim arising from a medical condition that has not been declared and accepted by us, it is unlikely that your claim will be paid.

If we are unable to cover a medical condition, this will mean that any other person insured by us will not be able to make a claim arising from the medical condition(s). This may even apply if the person with the medical condition(s) purchases cover from another provider.

Each person insured would still be covered for any unrelated medical condition(s) and other sections of cover subject to the terms and conditions of this policy.

But if you have one (and only one) medical condition and it is listed below and you are seeking cover for European travel only, there is no need to declare it. Should you need to make a claim arising from that condition, your doctor must confirm in writing the date of diagnosis, that the condition was stable prior to travel and that there was no foreseeable reason why you should need to claim on this policy:

  • Acid reflux      
  • Acne  
  • Arthritis    
  • Asthma (if well controlled by using inhalers only)   
  • Diabetes (if well controlled and no associated conditions e.g. Glaucoma or other eye problems, kidney problems or peripheral vascular disease)  
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Dyspepsia
  • Hernia
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid)
  • Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid)
  • Meniere’s disease   
  • Glaucoma  
  • Migraine   
  • Gout  
  • Varicose veins  
  • Minor ailments

You do not have to declare minor ailments e.g. hay fever, tonsillitis, ear infections, colds / flu, skin irritations, chiropody, dental treatment etc if you:

  • were only prescribed short term antibiotics, non-prescription pain killers, creams / ointments;
  • have had no further problems since; or
  • have been advised by your doctor that it is safe to travel.

2. You will not be covered for any claim arising from a medical condition of someone you were going to stay with, a travelling companion, a relative or a business associate if you are aware of the medical condition at the time your policy was issued.
3. You will not be covered if you travel against the advice of a doctor or where you would have been if you had sought their advice before beginning your journey.
4.  You will not be covered if you know you will need treatment or consultation at any medical facility during your journey.
5. You will not be covered for any directly or indirectly related claim if, before your journey, a doctor diagnosed that you have a terminal condition.
6. You will not be covered if you were waiting for medical treatment or consultation at any medical facility or were under investigation for a medical condition when your policy was issued.
7. You will not be covered if you are travelling specifically for the purpose of obtaining and/or receiving any elective surgery, procedure or hospital treatment.
Note This is not a private medical insurance policy and only gives cover for emergency medical treatment in the event of accident or unexpected illness occurring during your journey.